Sunday, September 12, 2010

So, to begin with.....

You know how some people have a lot to say about really important, life-changing, earth-shaking causes, events or agendas?  Well, I'm not one of them.  Loquacious I am; erudite I am not! 

My mind fills with images of places and things, people and foods, colors and smells.  I am not a writer, nor a poet, nor, perhaps, particularly interesting.  But I love people and love to listen and share.  Music is my passion; my instrument is my voice.  My brain switches from one language to another without any bidding from my consciousness, which can sometimes be confusing even for me.  So what do I want to share with you?  Myself. 

Please feel free to join me as I wander through my mind.  Feel free to express yourselves as well!.  But whatever you do, keep it clean!  I have no need to clutter my happy, carefree mind with insults, slurs and cursing from the murky minds of those not so inclined as I.  So if you want to be uplifiting and share your life, talking about anything that amuses, befuddles or simply intrigues you, please share your thoughts with me (or, hopefully, us).

Welcome to my world, apples to oranges.  Come wander with me!

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